It’s time to address the many misconceptions about temping.Employee

A lot of people assume that a temporary job automatically means less pay and unsatisfying, menial labor. They also think that temping never leads to full-time employment. As a result, a large number of job seekers never even consider a temporary job when they’re looking for work.

But don’t believe what you’ve been told. There are many amazing benefits to temping that job seekers routinely miss out on. From competitive pay to flexible hours to invaluable experience, temporary assignments have a lot offer.

So why should you consider temping? Let’s look at just a few of the many reasons.

The Odds are in Your Favor.
The temporary job market is much, much easier to break into. When you consider temp jobs in addition to permanent placements, you greatly increase your chances of finding a position. And this, of course, results in less time spent unemployed and between jobs.

A Network of Opportunities.
Working with a staffing agency is one of the best ways to secure a satisfying temporary position. Staffing services include one-on-one time with a trained recruiter who will have a large network of companies looking to hire new employees at their fingertips. In other words, even if you take a temporary position with one employer, you’ll now be connected to a number of other employers via your recruiter. Keep the lines of communication open and you’ll be in the loop when future opportunities arise.  

Competitive Pay.
This may come as a surprise to most job seekers, but almost all employers offer competitive wages to their temporary staff. Moreover, many staffing firms offer comprehensive health benefit packages for their temporary job candidates. Still convinced that a temp job isn’t a good option for you?

Commit Without Commitment.
Temping gives you the chance to try out a new position and a new company without making a long-term commitment.  It’s a rare opportunity to explore a new career direction, gain useful skills and add a few lines to your resume. Plus, if you enjoy your new role, you’ll be happy to know that a large amount of employers routinely make full-time job offers to their best temporary employees.

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