Most people would be shocked to know just how many applications companies receive every time that they post a new job opening. In a tough job market, hiring managers often sort through hundreds—if not thousands—of resumes beforeResume Writing interviewing qualified candidates.

So it goes without saying that cutting through the clutter of other applicants is absolutely essential to landing a job.

Your resume reflects your overall identity. It’s an employer’s first impression of you and can make or break your chances of moving on in the competition.

So how do you make an impact in a vast sea of others resumes? Well, the answer is relatively simple: you craft a thoughtful, professional resume that truly represents who you are.

Here are a few great ways to get started.

Use Keywords to Your Advantage.
So much of today’s job posting and searching is completed online. As a result, keywords are essential for making sure that your resume stays at the top of the pile. If you’re not familiar with how keywords work, don’t worry. A keyword is simply a search term that hiring manager’s focus on to narrow down their candidate pool. When you post your resume online, the person on the receiving end will search for a series of key terms in your cover letter and resume.  Usually these are the words included in the job posting, so remember to include as many as possible. For example, if the position asks for a “self-starter” with “advanced management skills,” don’t forget to work these key terms into your application.

Make Your Resume Eye-Catching, But Clear.
A professional, stand-out resume always meets the following criteria: it’s clear, concise and aesthetically pleasing. Never use fonts that are difficult to read. Don’t include long-winded paragraphs detailing your experience. Instead, create a document that displays all of the highlights of your career in an eye-catching manner. If you struggle with design, it’s not a bad idea to enlist the help of a graphic designer to create a polished finished product.

Sum It Up In A Sentence.
A highly effective way to grab a hiring manager’s attention is to give them a quick snapshot of who you are at the top of your resume. Directly below your name and contact information, you might want to consider adding a profile sentence that neatly describes who you are professionally. For example: Skilled Finance Manager with 10+ years experience leading dynamic teams. This tells the person reading your resume a set of important details about you right away and automatically captures their interest.


Want to learn more about crafting a successful resume?  Contact PrideStaff North Atlanta today. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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