So your niece is fresh out of college and looking for a job. She’s eager to break into the workforce and has expressed interest in what you do.Interview

But should you hire her?

The question of hiring a family member has—and will continue to—come up in companies all around the world. There are many differing opinions and quite a few factors to consider.

Let’s look at the pros and cons.

 In Favor of Hiring Family.
One of the first positives that may come to mind when you consider hiring family is the fact that you know what you’re getting. While of course everyone conducts him or herself slightly differently at work than they do around the family dinner table, hiring a family member that you’re familiar with means hiring someone who you already have an established relationship with. You likely have a good sense of their personality and their social skills. You’re probably also familiar with their education and work experience. There are a number of big advantages to adding a person to your team that you know well.

Moreover, a family member is far more likely to care about you on a personal level and thus be more committed to the success of your organization. Since you have a relationship that goes beyond the office walls, they might be additionally inclined to work hard for you in order to preserve your bond.

Against Hiring Family.
One big reason that many people avoid hiring a family member involves the potential breakdown of the professional-personal barrier in the workplace. It’s important to a lot of employers that their personal life is separate from their professional life. If you hire a family member, you’re bringing on someone who knows you in a completely different context. Will they be able to take you seriously at work? Will they expect special treatment? These are big questions that you’ll have to ask yourself.

Then there’s the question of what happens if things don’t work out. Sometimes a family member is a wonderful person but a mismatched fit for your company. In the event that you have to inform them that they’re underperforming—or, worse, that they are being let go—what will this do to your personal relationship? Mixing business with family can leave people feeling extremely bitter when things go awry. You need to go in knowing this is a possibility.

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