Business success requires the building and maintaining of relationships. InterviewWhether you are seeking new opportunities or not, establishing a reputation among your peers can earn you respect as a source of knowledge or even as a leader in your field. Industry networks are a vital place to establish and build on your expertise. But networking is also about listening and learning from others. Forbes advises listening to others as much as you reach out and communicate. Here are some additional tips to ensure the best results from your networking efforts:

  • Social media presence is a must but differentiate the quality sites from the invaluable ones. Develop a presence on LinkedIn; be active on leading industry sites, but avoid sites that do not reflect professionalism. Separate personal social media activity from professional and accept that all sites are accessible.
  • Use video in your communications. YouTube is among the most popular social media sites because of the power of image and video. Forbes reports on the new social media trends for 2014 and highlights the new apps such as Twitter-owned Vine that can produce six second micro videos, and Instagram’s new video sharing capability. Such micro videos can be viewed on smart phones from any location.
  • Become known as a powerful resource to others. Post interesting articles and share them with your networks. Appreciate the knowledge that you receive from others; acknowledge it and share it.
  • Use your networks to communicate and to conduct business such as hiring or requesting advice. Be clear in your communication and respond to other posts. You might be surprised at the results that your outreach can yield.
  • Attend conferences that relate to your industry. Gather contacts and stay in touch via social media. Return favors and invitations and visit contacts if you are in their area on business. Stay connected with people you meet at industry conferences and remember something unique about them.

Local and global networking is boundless with the advent of social media and emerging technology. Use it to your advantage and leverage your networking potential … because if you are not, your competitors are.

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