An effective leader recognizes that a competitive organization relies on mutually beneficial relationships with clients, customers, suppliers, and competitors; however, the most important stakeholder that a businesstie has is its staff. Trust, respect, and enthusiasm should be part of the organizational structure and effective, ongoing communication is crucial between a manager and staff.

Feedback from staff to manager can allow her to gauge levels of enthusiasm, to identify personal and work-related issues before they escalate into larger problems, and to gather information that is valuable for strategic planning. The staff of a company often possess the most pertinent information; they maintain the closest relationships with clients and other stakeholders. An effective manager must tap into that information. Here are some tips for being a better boss:

  • Listen. Unless you listen to what your employees are telling you, the information is worthless. Use social media platforms to encourage communication among staff and with external clients and audiences. Collect customer feedback from social media channels.
  • Studies demonstrate that empowering your staff and providing them with autonomy to make decisions is a strong motivator. Hire sensibly, avoid micromanaging, and trust your talented recruits to do an effective job. Flexible work arrangements allow staff to better manage their lives leading to happier, more productive workers.
  • Encourage innovation and build trust by balancing accountability with the opportunity to experiment and to make mistakes. Reward innovation and employees who take initiative.
  • Encourage social interaction among your staff. Human connection is a key function of the workplace. It will encourage healthy interpersonal relations and improve team dynamics. Use social time as an opportunity to share ideas or brainstorm.
  • Encourage productivity among teams by hiring “hustlers.” An article in Entrepreneur by Brian Patrick Eha dated June 28, 2013, suggests that individuals with this working style can lend a sense of urgency to group activity. However, it takes diversity for groups to be successful and participants must realize the contributions that individuals from diverse backgrounds can make. Review group projects once they are complete and learn from them.

Only through effective communication can a manager make the necessary changes that can keep a business productive and aligned with customer needs. Visit our website or contact us today to see the services that PrideStaff North Atlanta can offer to help you hire the best staff for your organization.

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