Congratulations are in order when you succeed in reaching the interview Interviewstage in your job search. So far, your skills as a job seeker and potential recruit are top notch. The talent and skills that your potential employer sees on paper may translate to a winning interview and a job offer with adequate preparation. 

Your interview skills will improve the more interviews you have. Careful preparation can hone your skills and ensure that your answers are impressive and appropriate. Your goal should be to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job and to convey that you are the best hire. Demonstrating your knowledge of the company, your skills that are relevant to that job, and making a notable impression that will differentiate you from others will seal the deal. Here are some tips for interview preparation:

  • Allow ample time to reach the interview destination. Dress appropriately for the work environment. Ensure that you have extra copies of your resume and copies of your references.
  • Research the company online and read their website. Try to find information that you can use in the interview that demonstrates your knowledge. For example, the company might have recently launched a new product or initiated a new service. Finding an insider who can provide you company insight can give you an advantage over other applicants.
  • Ask the company contact for the names of the interviewers and research them on LinkedIn in addition to their bio information provided on the company website. You may find common ground with one of the interviewers that you could mention in the interview.
  • Research typical interview questions and practice your answers. Many companies use “behavioral-interview” techniques that will require you to describe how you behaved in a past work situation. Be familiar with your resume so that you are prepared for questions requiring you to expand on your past experience or qualifications that you have obtained.

According to Liz Wolgemuth of US News, interviewers want a successful outcome just as much as you do. Effective hiring represents the bridging of a professional job search with a recruitment effort to find the right candidate. PrideStaff North Atlanta can help you align your career goals with the employer who needs your skills. Contact us today and let us help get you to a successful outcome.

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