Social media has become the central medium through which recruiters and staffing agencies searching and screen potential candidates. It is also a vital tool for job search. Scouring job boards such as Monster orUsing Social Media for Your Next Atlanta Job Search CareerBuilder can give you an idea of the jobs that are available, but developing a presence and a personal brand on social media will allow you to be searched by potential employers. 

Recruiters use social aggregation tools that scan multiple social media platforms at the same time to analyze individual activity and to identify the skills sets that people may possess. These tools are then able to match possible candidates with positions. An article in US News discusses social media use and provides some ways to leverage the power of the internet to find your next job.

  • Develop a profile on sites such as LinkedIn. Include relevant information and portfolio samples if necessary. Suitable jobs will be emailed to your automatically. Include industry buzzwords in your profile that will be picked up by search engine tools. Join networks on LinkedIn. Investigate hiring managers and interviewers using this platform prior to interviews.
  • Monitor your social activity. Check that there is no information on sites such as Facebook that you don’t want prospective employers to see. Do not post information on sites that do not reflect favorably on your professional character.
  • Use Twitter. Identify the companies that you might like to work for and follow them, they may be active on Twitter for recruitment purposes. Tweet that you are in the market for a job, provide the industry area that you are interested in, and you may be considered for a position before it hits the job boards.
  • Include your URL links to your LinkedIn page on your resume; it demonstrates your online savvy. Google yourself to see what an employer will see, because they certainly will google you.

The recruitment environment is online and job search is a networking task. Developing a presence so that recruiters and staffing agencies will find you is as important as networking in person. Interested in developing a relationship with PrideStaff North Atlanta? Contact us today to see how we can assist you in your next job search.

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