The holidays mark the busy season for the retail trade. Retailers must be equipped to handle the additional business without PrideStaff Atlanta | Staffing Up for the Holidaysbreakdowns in operations, logistics, or customer service. Such mishaps can cause loss of customer loyalty and significant loss of profits in what would otherwise be the most lucrative time of year. Forbes reports that 39 percent of retailers plan to hire holiday help this year, an increase from 36 percent last year. Additionally, information technology, hospitality, and financial companies all plan to hire seasonal staff.

The retail industry is not the only industry affected by the busy season. Most industries experience a time when production or productivity is higher than normal. If this period is predictable, it provides some opportunity to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly and that staff morale remains high. Companies are emerging from the most recent economic downturn with trimmed workforces and are operating at maximum capacity in terms of human resources. Ongoing budget concerns are encouraging the hiring of temporary workers for busy times. Here are some ways that Pride Staff can assist you in your staffing for the busy season:

  • PrideStaff Atlanta can help you improve your performance. Planning ahead to ensure adequate staffing during busy times is essential. Consult your existing staff; as frontline workers they can accurately gauge the additional resources that will be required. Your existing staff are also responsible for training any temporary workers that you hire and their input and support is crucial.
  • Allow time for training. A busy period requires workers who are up to speed and efficient. If substantial training is required for new workers to be productive, hire them early. PrideStaff Atlanta understands your industry and can accurately determine the right time to hire staff to maximize your investment.
  • PrideStaff Atlanta can accomplish superior recruitment while your time is spent in the business areas that require your expertise. Let a staffing agency who understands your business cycle and the local labor market prepare your company for your most productive period.

Don’t delay the hiring of additional staff; you may find that your competitors have already hired the most skilled local workers. The professionals at PrideStaff Atlanta understand the timing with respect to your needs and the availability of skilled workers during the busy season. Contact us today to learn how a partnership with us can better your workforce management.

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