In setting your career goals for 2014, it is wise to align them with the current job market. The economy and the working world isStaffing Agencies in Atlanta Georgia rapidly changing, and your goals must change also. If you are job seeking, widen your outlook and consider options that may not have been possible previously. Economic change affects sectors and geographical areas differently; workers from the health care sector are currently in demand, whereas many construction workers are finding it difficult to maintain employment. A realistic and accurate view of your options may provide renewed energy and motivation in pursuit of new goals. Here are some current workplace trends for 2014 that might inspire you to develop ambitious yet achievable goals:

  • The majority of employers use social media sites to screen candidates. A report by Jobvite finds that 94 percent of employers are using social networks for recruiting, and the majority of companies will check your online footprint before interviewing you. Companies are using social media tools in the workplace to facilitate teamwork and communication. Ensure that you market yourself online effectively and that you are current with new technology platforms.
  • The 2013 Workplace Forecast by the Society for Human Resource Management reports that human resource professionals are expanding the use of E-learning in order to prepare staff for career advancement. Consider taking classes, either in person or online to gain certification or an advanced degree. You can progress in your existing field or enter another. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a nursing career. Certification might be easier than you think, and health care is a growing sector.
  • According to Forbes, one third of Americans are now freelancing or working as contractors and consultants, and in six years they will exceed full time workers. Team up with a staffing agency and work for one agency on different assignments. Certain agencies such as Pride Staff offer health care options, whereas many employers are hiring less to try to avoid the overheads associated with full-time staff.


The professionals at PrideStaff Atlanta can assess your professional profile and help you to align your goals with the current work environment. Our professionals can broaden your outlook or suggest ways to boost your career. Have additional questions? Contact us today for more information!

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