The current economic climate has provided employers with a sizable labor pool from which to pluck the best candidates. However, the sheer volume of applications that a company might receive in response to an ad 


exacerbates the complexities and time consuming nature of recruitment. Online job applications can generate up to fifty resumes for senior-level positions and over 200 resumes in response to junior and mid-level positions, according to Debra McGinty of Inc. magazine.

A professional staffing agency can make the process more efficient and reduce your staffing costs by finding diamonds in the rough. Here are some ways that a staffing agency can help:

  • Network Targeting.
     In 2010, Jobfully reported that 40 percent of all jobs are not advertised and that up to 70 percent of jobs are found through referrals. This implies that the best candidates are snapped up before they even become job seekers. A professional agency is active in industry networks and able to tap into resources not available to employers. They seek out talent and utilize social media to continuously target potential candidates.
  • Screening Tests.
    A professional staffer will be able to apply the appropriate testing or screening tools to ensure candidates have the required skills. Workers can be hired on a temporary or trial basis to ensure a good fit with your organization. Staffing agencies play a consultative role and understand your company culture.
  • Reduced Costs.
    According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers the average cost per hire for a company with less than 500 employees was $7,645 in 2011 to 2012. Spending less may provide cash in the short term, but the long term result may be increased staffing costs, and less productivity through extended job vacancies and bad hires. A bad hire could even result in expensive litigation costs. Professional recruitment services are an investment.

A professional staffing firm can enhance your long term staffing strategy. The hiring process from candidate selection to on boarding will be a more efficient and successful one. Companies are becoming more competitive in the search for skilled labor. Keep ahead of them by partnering with our expert team! Let our skilled group of recruiters at PrideStaff North Atlanta assist you in your hiring initiatives. Contact us today!

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