A study by Amy Kristof-Brown, Ryan Zimmerman, and Erin C Johnson that appeared in Personnel Psychology reported that employees who are comfortable with the culture of their employer experience greater job PrideStaff North Atlanta | Hiring Candidates to Fit Company Culturesatisfaction, are more likely to stay, and exhibit higher levels of productivity and commitment. Your company may not have a formal culture, but most employers are able to identify the type of employee that works well in the firm environment and the type of employee who does not. reports a connection between cultural fit at work and employee health. A good fit can mean less stress and anxiety for employees and overall better health. For an employer, ensuring that you hire the candidate who will assimilate with your organization can result in less staff turnover and lower hiring costs.

  • Write job descriptions with culture in mind. Include the traits that the job requires, not just the job tasks. For example, demanding that a candidate has the ability to work under stress and meet deadlines would eliminate individuals that require a more systematic, slow work pace. Identify the employee profile that you require and interview with the goal of determining which candidates fit the profile.
  • Determine the skills that your company requires. Examine your existing staff, analyze their skills and determine what skills will complement the skills that you already have. This avoids adding unnecessary resources.
  • Advertise positions where your ideal candidates will see them. Use social media outlets, industry media, and ask employees for referrals. The majority of positions are now filled either by internal or external referrals.
  • Screen candidates by phone. This will eliminate many candidates and save time. List key questions that will eliminate those candidates who are not qualified or who do not have the right character traits. Use consistent questions in all your interviews to effectively evaluate candidates.

The services of a professional recruiter or staffing agency can facilitate candidate assessment using custom tools and metrics. Such tools can analyze behavioral and personality traits and accurately assess their suitability for your organization. Additionally, a professional staffing agency can perform effective background checks that do not violate legal requirements and that will ensure an appropriate hire.

Culture is a significant factor that directly affects your workforce and your profitability. PrideStaff has the experience to make sure your next hire is a true fit for your organization. Contact us today to learn how a partnership with our team can positively impact yours!

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