If your job search is not yielding the results you desire, it might be time to change strategies. The world of recruitment, much like countless other industries, is continuing to change and so should Am I Reaching My 2013 Goals?your approach to finding employment.

Is your job search in a rut? Don’t worry! Use the following tips to re-evaluate your job search strategy and refocus your efforts for success!

  • Get Social. More hiring managers are finding candidates through social media. reports that 94 percent of hiring managers use social media in their recruiting. LinkedIn is a popular platform. Develop a profile on LinkedIn, visit industry sites, and become active on social media. Post interesting, industry-related articles, comment on postings by others and become active on social media. Employers and recruiters may find you.
  • Start Networking. In a report from ABC News, it was stated that 80 percent of jobs are landed through networking. Networking provides access to industry professionals and potential employers. A hidden job market means that positions are often taken before they ever reach a job board. Network, and seek opportunity. Attend industry events and request information interviews with companies.
  • Volunteer. Volunteering can lead to valuable connections, provide an opportunity to develop new skills, and improve your marketability. Studies show that keeping your skills fresh or obtaining new skills through volunteering can have a positive impact on a hiring manager’s opinion of you.
  • Schedule Time. Plan time for your job search. A job search requires time for organization, research, and the preparation of applications. Plan uninterrupted time devoted to your job search so that you avoid procrastination or distractions, but limit it to avoid frustration.
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