If you have relocated because your partner or spouse has taken another job, you are a “trailing spouse.” You may have to alter your own career path to support your partner and face a challenging job search. It takes time to become acquainted with a new area, and career opportunities will not be immediately evident.Am I Reaching My 2013 Goals?

  • One option before you leave your current job is to explore telecommuting. More companies are agreeing to alternative working arrangements. Your employer may be willing to accommodate your needs, at least until they find a replacement. Your company may ultimately decide that telecommuting is a feasible and successful arrangement for all concerned.
  • Before you move, team up with a staffing or recruitment firm from the area to which you are relocating. Chat with them and find out how they might be able to help you. A consultant that is aware of local business trends will possess industry information such as who might be hiring in the near future.
  • Get a jump start on your competition. A professional staffing firm will refer you to companies that may not be advertising, but that may be interested in someone with your experience. This can be a major advantage over your competition if you are introduced to the company before they advertise.
  • Consider a temporary or part-time job. This gives both you and the employer an opportunity to decide if the match is successful. Similarly, working for a limited time at various organizations will help you to network, build your own relationships, and decide which direction to go in with respect to permanent employment.

Give yourself time to find a new position. Need help finding employment in Atlanta or the surrounding areas? Contact our team of experienced recruiters today for more information on how we can assist you in your next job search!  Additional information and resources to prepare for your job search can also be found on our free candidate career site at

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