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Put simply, high staff turnover in Atlanta, Georgia can be a sign of poor leadership and management. Polling your workers and requesting confidential feedback can identify staff morale problems. Additionally, staff input can reveal operational areas that may be dysfunctional. However, if the cause of high turnover is poor recruitment, the help of a staffing agency may be required.

If employees feel that management is ineffective, they will seek the next opportunity. Studies show that staff members like to be engaged and challenged, appreciate a measure of autonomy, and the opportunity to grow professionally. If your employees are leaving at a rate that is causing cost concerns, examine your leadership and management culture. Change is difficult, but the payoff of lower turnover and more engaged employees can be astounding.

Why is Your Team Quitting on You?

  • Your Internal Communication.
    Develop a flatter structure with communication across teams, not hierarchical levels. Use social media platforms for real time collaboration and employee engagement. Hold regular meetings with staff and discuss corporate strategy to quell rumor-mongering.
  • Staff Needs.
    Give staff members decision-making power within self-managing teams as long as they stay on task. Hold them accountable. Consider flexible working arrangements for employees. This provides the ability to manage their personal and professional lives and reduces stress. A company that supports employees will gain their support in return. Boosting staff morale by meeting staff needs will improve productivity and reduce turnover.
  • Provide staff with feedback concerning their performance.
    Provide goals, training, and a development plan. Staff members are a company’s greatest expense and the greatest asset. Investing in existing staff is a long-term investment in your company. This requires management commitment and time, but the efforts will pay off in reduced hiring costs.

Hire individuals who fit your company culture. Turnover can be even more costly in a tight labor market. If you are looking to hire in 2014, talk to a PrideStaff Atlanta recruiter before your hiring needs become urgent; let us help you determine why your company may be losing staff, and partner with you on finding ways to resolve the problem.

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