Staying focused when the sun is shining and the days are longer, is difficult. Parents are juggling summer camps, and family trips are eagerly anticipated. Businesses slow down, and team collaboration may dwindle. Les Staying Productive in the Workplace | PrideStaff AtlantaMcKeown, President and CEO of Predictable Success, leading adviser on accelerated business growth, and contributor at Time suggests using the summer to catch up on projects that may have been left on the back burner. The summer can provide sufficient time to finally read that stack of articles you have been collecting in the corner of your office.

  • McKeown also suggests making the summer the time for your annual review, instead of the more hectic fall and holiday season. Reflect on the year’s work, accomplishments, and failures and identify areas that require prioritizing or elimination from your workload. Take general stock of your status and catch up on neglected items.
  • A relaxed and objective review of finances and budgets may yield valuable insights. Use available time to analyze trends using graphs and software. Revise plans and strategies depending on your findings, re-orient budgets, allocate expenses, or prioritize profitable activities.
  • Organizing your workspace or office can unclutter your mind as well as your environment. An annual clear-out that creates an organized system will facilitate access to information and save valuable time on a daily basis.
  • De-stress by adding social activities to your day. Alexandra Levit, business and workplace author, speaker, consultant and contributor at Nonprofit People suggests setting up lunch dates and networking. Take the time to chat with people in different departments and expand your organizational perspective and knowledge.

If your career is stalling, consider a visit to a staffing agency to explore career options. Try something new that will lift your spirits. Try a new exercise class or finally take up guitar lessons. Commit to volunteer work if giving back is something you would like to do. Taking stock, organizing, and change can refresh the psyche, provide a sense of control, and relieve stress. A summer spent on constructive, uplifting activities can transform your attitude and prepare you for another busy fall season.

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