A poorly written job description is a fast way to ensure high turnover. The job description should accurately reflect the position and the requirements to ensure a good fit. An inaccurate job description is likely to ensure that How to Improve Your Job Descriptions in Atlanta | Atlanta Employment Firms the wrong person, possessing inadequate skills, will perform a substandard job … and leave.

Jay Goltz, author of The Street Smart Entrepreneur and monthly column writer for Fortune Small Business, wrote for the New York Times concerning the hidden cost of substandard hiring. Such costs include hiring and training costs likely to be upwards of $40,000, the cost of lost customers and valuable business, and the cost of wasted time. Accurate job descriptions are vital to attract the right candidates in whom you can confidently invest. Human resources are a company’s most valuable asset; here are ways to maximize that investment.

  • A job description should strike a balance between sounding challenging and yet realistic. If you want to attract the best the market has to offer, you must craft it accordingly. The job should reflect that the right person will benefit from a stimulating environment and that the company is prepared to pay for top talent. But also stress the realities of the position to manage candidate expectations.
  • The job description should include the main points of the position and the responsibilities. It should cover training opportunities, evaluations, and career advancement. A salary is not necessary, but some indication of the compensation policy should be made, particularly if you are aiming at the top end of the candidate pool.
  • In describing the job include the tasks involved, the methods used, the relationships with other employees and supervisors, and the qualifications and experience required. Also include the terms of the position such as full-time, temporary, and the location of the job.

The U.S. Small Business Administration advises that a job description should also allow for flexibility, especially if you are a small organization. Many hires will be required to adapt to new technologies and to grow along with the business. Also remember, that a well-crafted job description is only as effective as the channels you use to search candidates. Contact a PrideStaff Atlanta recruiting professional for advice with respect to candidate search and screening.

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