If you find yourself disappointed by the caliber of candidates, your expectations may be unrealistic. However, it is possible that your hiring practices are lacking. Do you market yourself as a reputable employer? HowPrideStaff Atlanta | Who Should You Hire? effective is your job description? Additionally, consider that a well-crafted job description is only as effective as the channels you use to search candidates.

Whether you should wait for a better candidate depends on market circumstances. If the demand is high for particular skills, you may have difficulty finding the perfect employee. The US Department of Labor shows that sectors such as construction and hospitality are adding jobs on a national basis, but this can depend on your geographic location. Another factor is the impact to your bottom line.

  • Check your expectations. No candidate is perfect, but some skills are more crucial than others. The US Small Business Administration emphasizes that your job description should emphasize flexibility, especially for small businesses. Determine the deal breakers in terms of a candidate, such as organizational fit, and re-evaluate their potential. Additional training or mentoring can be extended to the inexperienced.
  • Can existing staff assume additional responsibilities and maintain productivity? Will that effect morale? Or, do you risk losing customers if demand is not met? Balance the cost of waiting against productivity and the cost of a potential bad hire.
  • Consider your reputation. Don’t jeopardize your reputation as a fair and reputable employer. Toni Bowers of Tech Republic describes particular hiring manager behaviors that most aggravate job candidates. Failure to inform interviewees of hiring decisions in a timely manner is high on the list. Lackadaisical hiring may lead to the loss of future candidates in addition to the current candidate.

If you decide to delay, a temporary hire can fill a skills gap. A temporary hire, if successful, can become a permanent employee. Partnering with a staffing firm can ensure that you are aware of the market and environmental factors that should affect your hiring decision.

An HR professional can also ensure that your hiring methods will attract individuals with the caliber that you expect. Contact a PrideStaff Atlanta recruiter to discuss ideas for your hiring strategy or for your immediate hiring needs.

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