Interviews can be stressful enough, but it you were recently fired, your wounded pride may cause you to avoiding interviews entirely. Passing off a firing as an unfair result of a less than ideal situation may seem difficult, and Atlanta Job Interview Tips | PrideStaff Atlanta landing a job even more so. However, the recent economy has left hiring managers and recruiters resilient to tales of corporate shake-ups, and your news may not be met with the shock and awe that you anticipate.

Alison Green, author of How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager and contributor at U.S. News, discusses a few suggestions that can explain your circumstances in a way that will not eject you from the shortlist. Honesty is a wise policy, to yourself, and to a prospective employer.

  • First, consider whether your employer had a reason to fire you. Think objectively. Once you can admit fault, then you can define a course of action that will correct your behavior. Were you habitually late? Did you lose interest in the job? If so, you can honestly tell an interviewer that you lost enthusiasm for the position because of x, y, and z.
  • Having admitted fault, provide evidence of a change in your behavior. For example, you could state that the firing was the most positive event in your career because you have since realized that you are better suited to x, y, or z. According to Greene, once you are comfortable with the circumstances of the firing, you can then assure the interviewer. Your answer can state what you learned and what you now do differently.
  • Honesty, brevity, and a positive attitude will win over your interviewer so that you can move on to more interesting subjects. It is important not to hide the truth because background checks will undoubtedly uncover it. Untruthful responses will reflect poorly on you and definitely eliminate you from the candidate pool.

It is important to never speak negatively of your former employer. Negativity implies a lack of emotional intelligence and an inability to accept responsibility, whether the firing was fair or not.

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