The recent recession is dwindling, but corporate downsizing has created heavier workloads for staff. A survey by ComPsych was conducted in 2013 to investigate employee concerns post-recession. The study found that Keeping Employees Productive in Atlanta | PrideStaff Atlanta weight loss was the greatest concern (39 percent) among those surveyed; however, 26 percent reported that stress was a significant factor. This statistic jumped from 18 percent in 2012 to 26 percent in 2013.

In support of these findings, Jason Ferrara, Vice President of the Corporate Marketing team at CareerBuilder, reported in Hotel Business Review that many workers are currently doing the work of two employees with some completing ten-hour days. Burn-out is a serious concern for employers who want to preserve staff productivity and morale. PrideStaff offers suggestions to ease stress among staff.

  • Poll staff to find out what might provide some relief. Instituting a flexible schedule may provide employees with a sense of control and the ability to better manage the demands of home and work. Knowing that an employer is supportive can ease stress and open up lines of communication.
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles among staff. Initiate a wellness program and offer memberships to a health club. Allow staff members time off to attend a fitness class. Host a presentation by a nutritionist. Offer a free, healthy lunch for staff once a week.
  • Make work fun for staff. Plan an event for people to socialize and unwind. Provide incentives and rewards for staff efforts. Host staff competitions and offer movie tickets or other prizes. Most importantly, model transparent communication and be accessible to your staff so that they feel comfortable voicing concerns.

An employer who focuses on staff builds a stellar reputation. Quality candidates are attracted to employee-oriented organizations with flexible and motivational policies. Use social media and the company website to showcase competitive employee policies.

Additionally, support overburdened staff by partnering with a staffing firm such as PrideStaff. Hire contract and temporary staff during busy times. Temporary workers can provide a tried and tested candidate pool from which to hire skilled permanent staff. Ensure employees take vacation time to recharge without fear of losing their jobs. Contact a PrideStaff professional for your HR needs.

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