Few things are as humbling as the first day in a new job. In the midst of a strange and uncertain environment, a new employee is expected to act intelligently, confidently, and in a manner becoming of the new position. There Day 1 Employment in Atlanta | PrideStaff Atlanta is an ironic contradiction when the most capable person may be challenged in finding a cup of coffee or the bathroom.

But we’ve all been through it. Downtime between an old job and the new can improve your psychological readiness. Time off can provide the opportunity to prepare. Ideally, find a contact who may be an existing employee who can provide insight. Failing that, research the company and develop a picture of your role and the associated expectations. PrideStaff Atlanta offers the following tips to make your first day a success.

  • Consider your work-life balance and organize yourself to minimize disruptions. Worrying about child care or elder parent care will only add to your stress. Manage this aspect of your life before you begin your new job. Buy the necessary clothing and be generous so that you don’t have to duplicate efforts. The less you have to worry about, the easier your transition will be.
  • Prepare by driving the route to work, preferably at the time of your commute, to assess how long it will take. Don’t be taken by surprise on your first day and arrive late. On your first day, wear what instils confidence and ensure an impeccable appearance, fresh breath, and clean teeth.
  • The first days in a new job should be spent listening and learning. Be pleasant and approachable to everyone that you meet but ask intelligent questions to discern personalities. Take notes to help you learn the organizational roadmap and identify mentors or those who can provide guidance. Accept advice with a smile.

Dawn Rosenberg McKay, career planning expert and writer for Career Planning on, offers additional salient advice. Remember to offer to help those around you. Establishing friendly relations with co-workers will greatly help your time on the job. Ensure you have a grasp of the office politics and that you understand your function and priorities before you make any decisions. Don’t rush activities in the first few days and always ask for advice if you are unsure of an appropriate course of action.

Looking for additional support for your new career?
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