Anticipating the need to hire more staff, or when to rely on core permanent staff, comes with experience. Most businesses have business cycles with seasonal fluctuations in productivity, such as tax time for accounting firms, or the holidays for retail firms. Whether you succeed in optimal staffing during busy times depends on how well you plan and the state of the economy.

John Rossheim of Monster stresses that a company should not assume available quality labor during times of unemployment. It pays to partner with a staffing firm and to plan early for your staffing needs. A staffing firm is aware of current local labor availability and future availability. Partnering with a firm such as Pride Staff, before the need is imminent, can ensure an adequate labor force. To anticipate staffing requirements, record and track various business events. Some operational difficulties may be resolved through better staff planning.

  • Look for times during the year when staff seem overly stressed. Did staff voice concerns at certain times or did absences increase? High staff turnover can be an indicator that your workforce is overburdened. Similarly, were there times when staff seemed idle and bored?
  • A higher accident rate is a sign that staff may be rushing to produce, or lack certain knowledge with respect to safety policies and procedures. Discuss this with your staff to determine whether this is an ongoing problem or a seasonal one. Hire workers who are trained and adequately qualified to use the necessary equipment.
  • Monitor customer satisfaction. Were there times when customer complaints increased, delivery times were not met, or suppliers were unable to meet your requirements? These are also indicators that your staff may not be on top of their game due to stress, or quality levels are dropping temporarily in the rush to get things done.

Ask for feedback from your permanent employees regularly. Ask supervisors to monitor yearly cycles and to determine times when staffing levels may need to be altered. Your front line staff members are the most qualified people to determine whether additional or less staff can help.

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