HR News Daily reports that 60 percent of jobs were filled by referral in 2012, and that number was expected to continue to rise in 2013. Additionally, Josh Bershin of Forbes reports that US firms spend almost $72 billion Building a Relationship with Your Recruiterdollars on recruiting services. These statistics should motivate the active and passive job seeker to consider using a recruiter, whose job it is to support hiring firm needs and the careers of professionals.

Elizabeth Bennett of the Ladders writes extensively on the ways that a job seeker can leverage the services of a recruiter.

4 Highlights of the Ways to Make Your Recruiter’s Job Easier and Your Success More Likely.

  • Present yourself effectively. Use subject lines in emails that reference the type of position you seek. Use bullet points to outline your most relevant experience and to distinguish you from the competition. Recruiters glance at resumes and cover letters; your appeal must immediately be obvious. Check every communication for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Be completely honest about your skills and experience. Discuss any red flag issues with the recruiter such as career gaps or lay-offs. The recruiter or the hiring manager may discover these through background checks and it is better to be upfront. Only with a complete picture can the best long-term option be found and the best strategy developed.
  • Be clear about your current compensation and your expectations. An employer or a recruiter does not want to waste anyone’s time. Being upfront can ensure that your HR advocate aligns you with realistic opportunities. A smooth process will boost the reputation of the recruiter and increase your chances of being hired.
  • Arnie Fertig of US News suggests telling your recruiter where you have applied so that your application is not duplicated. This reflects poorly on you and the recruiter. Lastly, refer other talented individuals to your recruiter. They will appreciate the gesture and remember you when opportunities arise.

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