Your online reputation can affect everything from supplier relationships to your ability to attract high-quality employees. Social media and the internet provides real-time information about your company. The material Manage Your Online Reputation | PrideStaff Atlanta available should be monitored and managed by savvy marketers or PR professionals. Although negative comments cannot be removed, they can be counterbalanced by more constructive information.

Michael Fertik, the founder of, stated in an interview withForbesthatit can take $5,000 to solve an online reputation issue that might have cost only $200 to prevent. Companies today are devoting resources and staff to the management of corporate online reputations. Forbes featured an interview with Dan Sorenson, the president of Big Blue Robot. Sorenson consulted for a firm that lost an estimated $2 million in sales as a result of negative Google search results. Here are some ways to manage and improve your company online reputation.

  • How effective is your website? Consider updating it with testimonials from existing employees, suppliers, and satisfied customers. Provide the information that you want people to know through brief video clips on your site and on Youtube. Blogging on a domain with your brand name is a proactive way to increase traffic to your site and to lift your rankings in search engines.
  • Accept that negative PR will undoubtedly appear and develop a pro-active crisis communication plan. Ensure that social media and the internet is monitored. Assign staff to immediately manage any negative feedback; fast response can mitigate damage to your reputation. Accept blame but develop policies to compensate customers for any negative experiences.
  • Sorenson recommends considering the reputation of company executives. Showcase them on the company website and expect professionalism from all employees; staff members represent company or brand ambassadors. Build executive social profiles on popular platforms such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Build community relationships and sponsor local events. Publicize your partners and they may do the same for you. Ensure that a Google search on your company reflects the quality of your firm. Contact a Pride Staff professional who can build a worthy employer reputation for you and find staff knowledgeable in online PR management.

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