Company websites, CEOs, and traditional marketing all come with a strong bias toward their own company or the respective client. Although this type of advocacy can be effective to a degree, a company’s employees and their views expressedCreating Brand Advocates Out of Employees through social media represent a more convincing channel for brand visibility and reputation.

A 2012 survey conducted by Edelman measured 30,000 participants’ perceptions concerning credibility. The survey found that company employees are considered more credible than company executives. Employees are often in direct contact with a firm’s clients and are, therefore, perfectly positioned as brand advocates. However, Ekaterina Walter of Forbes writes that, although engaged employees can function as effective ambassadors, disenfranchised employees can be a liability in terms of social media use.

3 Ways to Encourage Positive Advocacy from Your Employees.

  • Engage employees in open discussions about their role as advocates.
    Pole them to gauge their engagement levels and to address any problems. If there are overall cultural, communication, or other work issues that are unresolved as far as staff are concerned, a strategy of staff advocacy will not be successful.
  • An immediate step to take to improve staff engagement is to listen to grievances and to address them.
    If staff feel that a company seeks their opinion, supports them, and is trying to meet their needs, immediate improvements will be the result. Consider work-life balance options such as flextime or home-based work. Offer health programs or other incentives, but ensure that they represent what staff would appreciate.
  • Encourage your employees to place positive posts about the company in their social media networks.
    Walter writes that companies such as Zappos trust their employees to use social media to share their values, for example, to “like” products on Facebook. Employees can be encouraged to interact with customers and to project a positive brand image.

The current technology-oriented world reflects increased use of remote devices and social media. The company or brand voice is less resounding than that of its employees and satisfied customers. Recruit them as advocates and your company will reap the rewards.

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