One way to impress a hiring manager or interview panel is to ask insightful questions. The questions that you ask as a candidate demonstrate your level of interest in the company and the position. A question can also challenge the Interview Tips for Atlanta Hiring Managers | PrideStaff Atlanta interviewer, which is likely to make an impression and set you apart from other candidates.

For example, “I interned at company x, y, and z last year; do you consider that their recent growth will impact this company?” is a question that shows industry knowledge and strategic thinking. However, remember that you are also interviewing the company to determine whether you want to work there.

  • Some questions can reveal information that you need to decide if the job is for you. For example, “What staff development options to you provide?” “How would you describe the company culture?” “How will I be evaluated?” “How soon do you expect to fill the position?” “Can you tell me about the team with whom I will be working?”
  • In an article for Forbes, Joe Konop, founder and principle of One Great Resume, suggests questions that address the actual job functions. For example, “What is the greatest challenge that I might face in this job?” “What skills and experience would make the ideal candidate?” “Why is this position currently available?” This last question may provide insight as to whether the position is new, in which case you may be breaking new ground with unknown challenges.
  • Ask questions that will differentiation you from the general candidate pool.
    • “Do you see any areas in my skills or education that may be lacking?”
    • Now that I have interviewed, what reservations do you have in hiring me?”
    • “What have I said today that is inconsistent with your ideal candidate?”

These questions are undoubtedly bold and may be best applied when interviewing for a job that requires a strong personality type. However, these questions will make an impression, put the interviewer on the spot, and the manner in which they are addressed could influence your decision if you receive a job offer.

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