Companies are competing over market talent. A recent Manpower Group’s Talent Shortage Survey found that 36 percent of employers globally report a shortage of talent in 2014, which is the highest percentage recorded in the past seven years.Hiring Top Tier Candidates | PrideStaff Atlanta

The improving economy means that companies must work harder to find and retain top talent. Minda Zetlin, a business technology writer and co-author of The Geek Gap, reminds employers that simply posting a well-worn job description on a job board will guarantee that the best candidates are missed. Strategic marketing is required to attract the passive job seeker who is attracted to innovative, dynamic employers. Well-crafted job descriptions placed on appropriate platforms can broaden the candidate pool.

Try Google searches to determine how your competitors are finding candidates. Analyze their websites, which act as recruiting tools, and where they advertise. Take note of keywords and use them in your own job descriptions.

  • A job ad should not be job description. A job description is more for internal use to outline the job functions. A job ad should be a marketing tool that eliminates unnecessary details such as who the person will report to, but should emphasize the company’s culture and mission.
  • Post jobs to sites frequented by the candidates you seek. If you are looking for a coder, post your job on a popular platform where technology geeks network and share code. If you are unsure which sites to target, ask professionals in that industry which sites they frequent. A staffing firm such as PrideStaff Atlanta can help you to locate appropriate platforms for job ads.
  • Choose an appropriate title and use subheads that categorize the ad according to responsibilities, the required qualifications, and the process of how to apply. The job title should be selected based on its appeal to a potential candidate. Coax candidates to click on “apply”.

Strategic screening tactics can save you work. Include mandatory requirements such as working visas. Place a specific instruction within the text of the ad. For example, “include “A, B, or C” in your application subject line.” This will eliminate those candidates who did not carefully read the ad. Finally, have the ad checked by someone who resembles the ideal candidate, and ensure that your hiring practices reflect a professional company.

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