The end of the year can be a lucrative time for a job seeker. According to John Rossheim of Monster, hiring managers may struggle to fill positions during the holidays as the candidate pool dwindles. There may be more vacancies thLanding a Job Before 2014 Endscandidates at this time of year. Business that used to slow down at the end of the year is now unceasing thanks to online commerce and mobile gadgetry.

Many companies experience some down time during the holidays. Unless a company is a busy retailer or in the hospitality industry busy with holiday parties, it might be easier to take a lunch break or time for a phone or in-person interview. Lindsay Olson of US News suggests many reasons to job seek before the end of 2014.

  • Some industries, such as retail and hospitality, hire temporary staff to supplement permanent staff absences and to meet the seasonal demand. Partnering with a staffing firm to take on a temporary assignment may provide a long-term opportunity.
  • Many companies would like to fill positions before the start of the New Year. A follow-up or job application that is received at this time may prompt the company to move quickly and to finalize a position that has not yet been filled. Company budgets may show overruns at this time encouraging HR to fulfil recruitment targets.
  • Ample opportunity exists for holiday networking. Take the opportunity to talk to contacts at parties and to meet new people. Introduce yourself. Don’t be aggressive. If an individual has a possible lead, ask them if you can follow-up later and when would be a convenient time. At business parties, carry your card so that you can offer your contacts to others.

Your competitors may not be actively looking at this time of year under the assumption that companies are not hiring. Freelancing is another possibility. While key staff may be on vacation during the holidays, companies may require skills on a short-term basis. Try sites such as or for freelancing opportunities.

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