As the end of the year approaches, one last push may be exactly what you need to reach your 2014 goals. A final push may require investment in additional human resources to temporary increase productivity. Hire early. The holidays are a busyAm I Reaching My 2014 Goals? | PrideStaff Atlanta time for staffing agencies as companies are rushing to meet seasonal demands.

A survey by CareerBuilder reports that approximately 40 percent of retailers will hire temporary workers and many IT, financial, and hospitality firms will do the same. Retailers will also require shipping and warehousing personnel to respond to busy online shoppers. Kendra Lee, President of the sales consulting group KLA Group, offers some advice for reaching final milestones for 2014. The advice is sales-oriented, but is apt for any business environment.

  • Review projects or goals to determine what is outstanding. Eliminate unrealistic objectives and concentrate on feasible targets. Cease or postpone all activities that are not going to be completed this year, and focus all resources on the priority projects.
  • Identify the steps required to achieve the projects by the end of the year. Allocate resources, delegate tasks, and shuffle priorities to achieve them. Communicate the new goals to staff, invite their feedback, and ensure their commitment. Provide those involved with the resources they need to carry out the tasks. Request volunteers to mentor and train temporary staff who may be brought in.
  • Request feedback from team members and ideas on how to re-organize to reach targets. Consider ways to temporarily increase productivity such as over time, shifting current staff tasks, outsourcing, or partnering with other firms. Make this a last push before the end of the year, and incentivize staff by providing rewards.

To be motivated, staff must understand that a push now can lift a firm to a better position for 2015. Peak Operation Strategies, business strategy consultants, note that analyzing your performance over the year can help a business to assess whether they should recalibrate current strategies. Perform better next year by making changes now to launch you into 2015.

Looking to Staff Up to Meet Seasonal Demands?

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