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There is no strict resume style; however, according to Yahoo News, recruiters have pet peeves when it comes to reviewing applications. For example, Resume Doctor emphasizes that many applicants do not read the job description and do not possess the relevant requirements. Additionally, applicants often fail to place important information where it is easy to find. If a position requires security clearance, for example, the candidate’s eligibility and security clearance information should be one of the first items clearly visible on the resume.

3 Common Pet Peeves
Recruiters Have Over Resumes

Eliminate the obvious.

Do not state that you want to work for Company X on your resume; that is understood. Instead, highlight the unique and engaging aspects of what you can bring to the company. Any comments related to the specific job and company to which you are applying can be included in a cover letter. Be careful with dates of employment. List beginning and ending dates unless your resume is in a functional format, which can be preferable if you have gaps in your employment history.

Format your resume effectively.

Avoid very small fonts. A reader may be annoyed if your resume is not easy to read and pleasing to the eye. Use a new version of Microsoft Word because old versions may cause your resume to be misaligned when it is read by a recruiter. Use the past tense to describe a job that you are no longer doing. Do not waste space on your resume by adding a photo. Instead, include a link to your LinkedIn profile where you can upload a photo.

Follow instructions carefully.

A job description may give specific instructions such as including a cover letter or not. If you do not do exactly what is stated, your application will not be considered because it is a method to weed out applicants. Colored paper for resumes can work in situations where a company is creative or alternative. However, unless your credentials are outstanding, using colored paper is not recommended.

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