Before making the decision to switch careers, consider your motives for doing so.Career Change in Atlanta

Some are more valid than others. For example, the latest headlines concerning lay-offs and unemployment should not cause you to abandon your current path. The reasons for company lay-offs are varied and not always cause for concern.

If these job cuts are causing you to worry…don’t! While larger organizations scale back to reduce costs, smaller companies are continuing to hire! Knowing where your passion lies and determining the career that will provide you with the most satisfaction should determine your direction.

Do you have a specific job target?

If you cannot narrow down your job search, you may lack sufficient self-knowledge to make a sensible decision. A staffing agency can assess your skills and experience against your interests and motivation to find the ultimate job for you. To make the right move, you must have the right job in mind before your write your resume.

Are you job-hopping?

Job-hopping may not be a negative characteristic. The greater the job history of the candidate, the more diverse the experience. However, job-hopping is not sustainable or enjoyable. Take the time to find the right job for the future rather than one that will pay the bills today.

What new skills and experience does such a career change require?

Will you need to take a cut in salary or attend classes? What are the future opportunities? Should you consider temporary work in a new career field to be sure that it is the right choice for you? Partnering with a staffing agency will help you determine what skills you will require and how best to acquire them.

Protect your business relationships.

Should you receive a job offer and decide to change your employer, it is best to break the news cleanly and when the deal is signed. Doing so earlier can lead to a loss of trust and a sense of diminished loyalty. A done deal will be accepted more easily by an employer, who is relieved of the burden of finding another option that might convince you to stay.

Contact a PrideStaff Atlanta professional to discuss your career plans. We can assess your current position and help you to make the best decision with respect to future goals.

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