Company Culture

Temporary staff member offer countless benefits.

Additional manpower during busy times, the opportunity to try-out candidates before you commit to hiring them long term, and flexibility in staffing levels. However, for a temporary employee to be productive, they must feel part of the team.

Before new temporary employees arrive prepare existing employees for the changes, and explain the reasons why additional staff members are needed. Reassure them that their jobs are safe. Emphasize that the temporary staff should reduce the workload of existing staff, and it is in their interests to guide and encourage them. Request volunteers to mentor the new staff and reward those who are willing to do so. Stimulate positive attitudes towards the new employees.

  • Ensure that contingent staff members have the tools that they need when they first come on board. Provide them with a mentor and any training that they may require. Introduce them to the team and let them know who to approach when they have questions. Incorporate temporary staff in teams with permanent employees and reward the teams as opposed to the individuals.
  • If you hire seasonal staff, try to hire the same staff each season. Ask top performers if they would be willing to come back again next year and build a pool of possible seasonal candidates. Re-hiring temporary staff makes the employee feel valued and reduces training costs for the employer. Moreover, staff that are already familiar with your company will be productive sooner.
  • Treat all staff, temporary and permanent, in a similar manner in terms of workplace rules and policies. Hold all staff accountable for their tasks. Include temporary staff in all work events such as meetings, lunches, and outings.

Explain the importance of the task that they are hired to accomplish and how it fits in with the overall company goals. Provide them with attainable objectives.

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