In addition to selling your worth to the interviewer, finding a way to stand out and make an impression may tip the balance in your favor.Interview Tips to Help You Stand Out

However, make sure that you are remembered for the right reasons. Harvard Business Review interviewed Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, a senior adviser at Egon Zehnder International, and John Lees, a career strategist, to find out their opinions on effective interviewing.

According to Lees, the first 30 seconds of an interview are when key opinions are formed based on your appearance, your posture, and how confident you seem. Lees suggests speaking clearly and slowly initially and rehearsing your entrance beforehand.

The following are three tips that might make a difference.

Physical stress can affect your confidence in an interview.

A firm handshake can immediately create a good impression. If you are prone to sweaty palms, shake some talcum powder into your pocket and massage some into your palm before you shake hands with the interviewer. One less thing to worry about is one less stressor.


This can be surprisingly hard for some people when they are concerned or under the stress of an interview, but smiling shows that you are approachable and cheerful. Go one-step further and be sure to make eye contact with your interviewer. Consider your roles switched, and remember that you are also interviewing the company to ensure that you want the job. Be interested in the information that you receive and the people that you meet.

In your interview preparation, research those who will interview you.

Find a connection that you can reference in the interview that will strike a chord with the interviewer to make you stand out. Perhaps you both went to the same school, or both love to play golf.

Fernandez-Araos suggests preparing a narrative that you can deliver in the interview. It could be a story about an achievement at work. Make it interesting, and you will have the attention of your interviewers. You can use the narrative in response to a question.

For the more courageous interview candidate.
Asking a question towards the end of the interview such as “Do you have any concerns with my abilities to do an effective job?” will certainly get the attention of the interviewers and may elicit a favorable response.

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