Companies may be tempted to discretely find a replacement for an existing employee. Concerns that the position will remain empty and work will not get done are valid. However, the way that a Hiring in Atlanta Georgia | PrideStaff Atlantacompany recruits is a reflection of organizational culture, its integrity, and the quality of its staff. Only best practices should be followed to ensure quality applicants.

The best policy is to fire the existing employee first, or to wait for them to leave. This avoids the need to be deceptive, which will reflect badly on the organization. The average time to hire among US employers was approximately 25 working days in 2014, according to the Dice-DFH Vacancy Duration Measure created by Steven Davis of the University of Chicago. However, there are ways to ensure that productivity does not suffer while the position is vacant.

  • Consult with staff to find possible strategies. Can remaining staff take up the slack, or do you need to bring in temporary help? Partnering with a staffing agency can fill your immediate need. Moreover, the temporary person that you hire may prove a suitable permanent hire.
  • Hiring internally can solve the problem quickly and with minimum disruption. Ensure that the candidates’ understand the need for confidentiality, but try to speed up the process so that leaks do not occur.
  • In some cases, being honest and transparent with the employee who is to leave is a good strategy. Explain to the staff member why the situation is not working out, arrange a future termination date, and proceed with the search. Again, this avoids the need to be deceptive or sneaky. This strategy depends on the personality of the employee who is to leave and whether they are likely to become hostile or otherwise negatively affect the workplace.

Another excellent option, for discreet recruiting, conduct interviews off-site to avoid rumormongering. Limit the people who are involved. If possible, have a third party, such as a staffing agency; handle the recruiting process for you. Reach out to trusted network contacts to find possible recommendations and ensure that they are kept confidential and off-the-record.

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