Now that the economy is improving, you may be considering hiring additional staff members.Is it Time to Grow Your Workforce?

According to Careerbuilder’s 2015 US Job Forecast, over one-third of companies will hire permanent full-time employees in 2015. This represents the best outlook from the survey since the year 2006. Additionally, many employers are also considering raising wages and salaries.

Hiring additional team members is a big commitment. That commitment or risk can be mitigated by partnering with a staffing agency that can help analyze current staffing levels and forecast future HR needs. Hiring workers on a contract or temporary basis can provide an employer with flexibility in staffing and avoid over-commitment.

So, what are the indicators that a business owner can look for to decide whether to hire additional staff? Dr. David J. Javitch of Entrepreneur provides some useful guidelines and some advice on the hiring process.

  • If staff members seem overworked, are complaining, or you notice an increase in absences or illness, you may need additional staff. Seek feedback from your employees to determine the underlying issues and to determine what they need to be productive. Roles may need to be restructured, or flexible work options may help to reduce stress and to reinvigorate productivity. Once you understand the needs, than you can plan the hiring strategy.
  • Is demand for your products or services increasing consistently? A temporary increase that stretches your current manpower is positive, but consistent demand that cannot be met by existing staff will eventually backfire. Support your staff, invest in resources such as equipment and tools that will make tasks easier, and provide the required additional manpower to meet demand so that quality does not suffer.
  • To expand your business, you may need to innovate. If current staff skills are adequate but lack the latest technical or cutting-edge industry knowledge, you should seek out the talent that can take your company to the next level. A staffing firm can help you to find the type of skills your organization needs to be competitive.

Partnering with PrideStaff Atlanta will ensure that your talent is appropriate for your company strategy. We will work with you to determine whether your business needs permanent or temporary staff. We conduct professional hiring processes that will minimize your recruitment risk and maximize your business potential. Contact us today for additional assistance.

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