Creating a dream team is a tall order. It demands that all members be high performers in their specific areas of strength. How can you put together employees whose synergies will outperform Putting Together a Dream Team of Employees | PrideStaff Atlantathose of competitors?

Katherine Duncan of Entrepreneur interviewed Naeem Safar, a professor of entrepreneurship and CEO of the start-up Bitzer. Safar emphasized the importance of consistently hiring high quality staff when a company or a team is still small. The quality of the team at the beginning will affect the quality of work later.

For start-ups and small businesses, Safar suggests that there are five types of advisers required. The first is an expert in the relevant market, the second is a networker who has connections, and the third is a celebrity or someone who is well known but not necessarily a hands-on team member. Fourth is a personal coach, and fifth is a technical or industry expert.

Safar suggests that if you need additional staff, identify the skills you need and hire temporary or contract staff. Staffing agencies can help to source the right individuals. LinkedIn is also an effective platform for searching and contacting individuals with the exact skills that you need. Matthew Burnett, product designer and CEO, gave his opinion on creating a dream team to Fast Company. Burnett suggested some necessary attributes for members of his dream team.

  • A capacity for giving. Team members are aware of the need to give and to help others. They are not focused on themselves. This trait strengthens bonds between team members and improves the likelihood of success.
  • A willingness to commit to whatever it takes. Success may come quickly, or it may take substantial effort and time. A member of a dream team is prepared to work hard toward the goal and is not in a hurry to achieve it. Doing things right is better than doing things quickly.
  • Creative approaches to problem solving. Team members think strategically and “out-of-the-box” to solve issues. This trait leads to innovation and industry leadership.

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