The recession is over and the economy is gaining momentum.Updating Job Skills in Atlanta | PrideStaff Atlanta

Is your career doing the same?

Without up-to-date job hunting skills you are at risk of stagnating despite a vibrant economy. Don’t get left behind in the hunt for more lucrative opportunities.

The Economic Forecasting Centre at Georgia State University reports that a gain of over 70,000 jobs is expected for 2015 and a gain of over 83,000 jobs is expected for 2016. Most of those jobs will be in the metro Atlanta area. Construction is a sector that is showing considerable growth because of the construction of new homes and two new sports stadiums.

If your job hunting skills have deteriorated, the following tips may help.

  • Your resume should be a strong marketing tool. Sell yourself. Employ a CAR strategy – challenge, approach, results. Don’t just list your job title and role, describe a challenge that you faced, how you approached it, and the results that you achieved. For example, “Initiated and managed the introduction of a customer relationship management system for faster response to client complaints. Sales increased by 15 percent as a result.”
  • Create an online presence that reflects your brand. Employers search LinkedIn and other social media sites to gain more information on potential candidates. Recruiters search for potential candidates on social media. Build a profile on LinkedIn that is professional, error-free, and use key words that will be picked up by search software that show your experience. Search the profiles of competitors and use them as a model for your own. But ensure that the information on your resume and your online profile are the same.
  • US News reports that the majority of jobs are filled by referrals before they reach job boards, and employers seriously consider referrals from valued employees. Reach out and network. Online networking is effective, but getting to know colleagues who are in your industry can lead to better results. Attend conferences, or meet for lunch or coffee and begin to network.

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