The best way to avoid job burnout is to recognize that it might be approaching. Are you guilty of working until you are exhausted, failing to take a break, overscheduling, texting or emailing constantly, multitasking, or eating on the run? Deepak Chopra, an alternative medicine advocate, states that these activities can cause chronic stress that will damage your health; yet, most of us feel that we have little option.

Writing for Forbes, Founder and CEO of Akoya Power, Vanessa Loder, suggests a plan of action. First, determine what you aEmployee Burnout in Atlanta | PrideStaff Atlantare doing that could be contributing to job burnout; then, devise incremental steps to change. Recruit friends and family as support and to hold you accountable. Explain to them why you need to change your lifestyle.

  • Start with one problem and one solution. Taking one step will accomplish something, and that one step will free up energy or ideas for the next. For example, instead of eating at your desk every day, commit to lunch with a colleague every Friday. That colleague might suggest you take a walk or exercise after work on Monday, which can form the second step in your plan.
  • Early in your plan, include organization and discipline. For example, commit to checking your emails, texts, or voicemail four times a day instead of every hour and schedule times to respond. The constant distraction of checking texts and emails is an inefficient use of time. Better organization in your life can free up a surprising amount of time.
  • Eat well, limit your alcohol use, and get enough sleep. These steps can make a huge difference in your energy level. Improved quality of sleep from a better lifestyle can help you to get up earlier and accomplish tasks that you were too tired to do before.

Multitasking, rushing, and cutting out social activities may save time in the short term but, in the long run, they will prove counterproductive. Balance your time and know when you need to cut back and recharge. Some employers will be sympathetic to your plight and be willing to accommodate your needs rather than risk losing your expertise.

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