As if finding a job weren’t challenging enough, some situations make it even more stressful. For example, what if you were fired from your last job? Getting fired is never an easy thing to think about because it can be traumatic and embarrassing. How do you respond or even talk about this in a job interview? Relax. Here are some ways to address the subject of being fired from a job in an interview and still impress the hiring manager.

Be Prepared to Talk About It

When heading into an interview, you can be sure that the recruiter is going to want to know why you were fired from a previous job. Don’t be in denial. Instead, be ready to talk about it in a positive and constructive way. Think about what led up to the termination. Was there a conflict between you and the boss? Did the company recently restructure or were there ongoing problems present? Did you simply outgrow the company and become bored? Create a little script about how you will respond to this tough interview question, and you’ll be less nervous going in.

Be Honest in Your Answer

The worst thing you can do is try to hide or lie about the reason you were fired. Instead, use complete honesty in your answer, but focus on how the experience transformed you into a better person. How? Well, consider that the reason you were fired from your last job may have had more to do with you than other factors. Maybe you have learned to be a better communicator, or to manage your time better. Or maybe you decided to go back to school to improve your skills to avoid being fired in the future. Be honest and take your share of the responsibility for being fired, but also turn it around in a positive way for the recruiter to hear.

Be Willing to Provide Great References

One thing you will want to consider is what your previous employer may say about you when your professional references are checked. Be able to furnish a list of colleagues who know your work abilities and are willing to back up your worth. Give the recruiter the name of your former employer’s human resource manager instead of your former boss.

Remember, being fired from one job isn’t the end of the road for your career. Instead, it’s the beginning of something new. Keep your answer brief and to the point, then direct the recruiter’s attention to the other positive traits and career experience you have had to show your value.

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