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Onboarding new hires is a vital part of securing a more prepared and loyal workforce. A critical component of an onboarding program includes matching up new hires with mentors within the workplace. This can help to bridge the gap between what the new hire experiences in the first few days on the job and their ability to ramp up skills fast to become productive for the company.

If you are wondering how a workplace mentoring program could benefit your new hires, read on…

Onboarding and mentoring go hand in hand

It’s possible that your new hire onboarding program is already fairly strong, but by adding a mentoring program it could be a lot better. Why? First, once the onboarding experience ends, many times new hires feel lost on what to do next. Meeting and working directly with an employee mentor is the next logical step in the learning process.

Mentors help transfer knowledge to new hires

The biggest benefit of having a mentoring program in place following onboarding is that the new hires will be able to learn directly from the employees who are great at their jobs. Skills that have taken a long time to learn are then transferred from mentors to new hires in a consistent manner.

Matching new hires to mentors boosts productivity

The biggest benefit to adding a mentoring program to your onboarding activities for new hires is that they are directed to be more productive early on. Instead of taking weeks or even months to learn new tasks and procedures, mentored employees learn things under the careful guidance of mentors. This means they can be highly productive in less time.

Mentoring provides more ROI with new hires

The main goal of mentoring isn’t just about transferring skills, managing new hires, or making them more productive – it’s about helping to gain a better return on your recruitment efforts. The sooner that new hires are paired up with mentors, the more able they are to turn their new jobs into revenues for the company.

Hiring new people and developing a strong onboarding process that includes mentoring doesn’t have to be complicated. A temporary service like PrideStaff Atlanta can help to create a full onboarding and mentoring program that works well for your business needs. Give us a call today to find out more about bringing in quality, well-trained and screened candidates who are ready to work hard for your company.

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