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Did you know that people make an initial impression of you just seconds after they meet you, based on how well you present yourself? It’s true. A Princeton University study proved this, when it studied people’s reactions to seeing someone for the first time. This research indicated that it literally takes people one-tenth of a second to make a judgement about someone based on appearance. So, what kind of message are you saying with your non-verbal, body language when you walk into a job interview? Do you appear to be nervous or confident?

In an effort to help you give off the air of confidence for your next job interview, here are some body language tips to follow.

Look the part for the job

Appearance is everything in a job interview, so your best chance of looking confident is choosing the right attire, shoes, and grooming for the job. Nearly every company has a website and on most is a career section so you can get an idea of the company attire there. If in doubt, opt for business casual, a fresh haircut, and a pair of dress shoes to complete the look.

It all starts with a smile

When people are confident, they usually smile. As you enter the building for your interview, and upon meeting each new person, be sure to do the same. A smile conveys warmth, friendliness, and that you fit right in with everyone else.

Try a great handshake

Handshakes are such a common behavior in most business settings. A University of Illinois study revealed that a handshake can make you seem more approachable and positive. Confident people greet each other with a professional handshake. It’s the first time you will make contact with others, so get it right.

The eyes never lie

Using eye contact while speaking is always a good idea, for a number of reasons. First, it lets the interviewer know you are actively listening and participating in the conversation.  Second, it can make you seem smarter. That’s what a Personality and Social Psychology journal study reports. Others judge people on how well they connect during conversations, the more connected they feel the smarter they perceive others.

Use proper posture

When engaged in an interview, be sure to use the proper posture too. Sit up straight and slightly forward, then keep your arms in an open gesture. Try to avoid crossing your arms or gripping your hands together tightly out of nervousness. Be confident in your body language and give the message that you are ready for anything that comes your way.

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