It’s been said that there are two ways to find a job – being reactive or proactive.

When you are reactive, like many job seekers, you are most likely trying to find a new job because you are either not happy with the one you’ve got (and leaving) or you have recently separated from a job. A proactive method would be looking for jobs and then applying for everything you can find that meets your current skills.

A reactive job search looks like this:

  • Unhappy with current job/Lost job
  • Searching for job openings on random career sites
  • Take another job that leaves you unhappy
  • Rinse and repeat

If you are being proactive, you are putting your career goals ahead of your immediate needs, and seeking a career that will take you to the next step in career growth. You may be employed now, but are likely seeking a job that leads to fulfillment and greater things. In other words, a proactive job search is not just looking for a paycheck.

A proactive job search looks like this:

  • Decide on a strategic career path
  • Research companies in targeted industry
  • Connect with recruiters in your industry
  • Leverage your connections to a desired job offer

Here are a few reasons why being a proactive job hunter makes better sense than reacting to the job market.

Proactive Job Hunting – Why it’s the Better Way to Go

There are several reasons why proactively searching for jobs makes sense. First, consider that you are in the driver’s seat. You are not “desperate” for just any job, rather you are seeking opportunities that will help you grow your marketable skills with future employers. In other words, your value increases the more you build your skills and abilities.

Secondly, you are building a career (and resume) that features new levels of responsibility and achievements instead of just staying employed. This looks great to most employers and they are willing to hire you at better salaries and offer you more perks if you can prove you are a top performer.

Lastly, a proactive job search gives you the drive and motivation to learn from the best in your industry, further enhancing your value. Targeting jobs that offer learning from mentors, the ability to be trained on new concepts, and the challenges of the industry make you stand out from other candidates.

How Temporary Assignments are Proactive

A temporary assignment can meet the above proactive career needs because you can try something new over a short period of time to see if you have what it takes to go in a certain direction. If it doesn’t suit you, you can then just move onto another available assignment at the end of the contract. Why not consider talking with the caring recruiters at PrideStaff Atlanta today about your proactive job search? We have multiple career options waiting for you.

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