After months of searching for the perfect candidate, you couldn’t believe your eyes when the ideal person finally came through the door.

The only problem is, you’re not the only company vying to get them on your team. Now that the pressure is on, you need to bring your best game to get this incredibly talented individual to choose your offer over all of the others they’ve received.

If you really want the person on your team, you’ll pull out all your best stops to make the job at your company seem like the obvious choice. Learn how to achieve this.

3 Ways to Entice the Best Candidate to Choose Your Team

Put these three tips into action to secure your top candidate:

  1. Allow Flexible Working Conditions.
    It can be challenging for people to achieve an optimal work-life balance when they’re forced to be in the office from 9am to 5pm each day. If possible, permit the candidate the freedom to review and discuss their own hours with you.
  2. Offer Learning Opportunities.
    Highly driven employees are always looking for ways to grow their skills. Convince the person to join your team by agreeing to send them to conferences, seminars and other training opportunities a few times per year. The benefits are two-fold, as they’re excited to learn and your company will benefit from it.
  3. Discuss Career Progression.
    No one wants to accept a dead-end job — especially not the best and brightest candidates. Persuade your top choice to come to work for you by discussing their future career goals and how your company can make them happen. Use examples of other workers who have been promoted from within to support your case.

Staff your company with top talent.

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