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If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “you’ve got to sell yourself in an interview”, and immediately shivered with fear, you could be one of the 40 percent of people who are typically shy. It’s ok to be an introverted soul, in fact it’s probably why you are good at the type of career you have. However, a job interview is not the time to clam up. Instead, you’ve got to step outside of your comfort level and do your best to convey passion in the interview. Here’s how:

Get mentally prepared for the interview

Any time you have to present or talk with others, a great deal of fear creeps in for the shy person. Most of this is centered on the fear that one may say or do something stupid under pressure. But in all honesty, no one is perfect when it comes to interviews. All people have fear about it, but they just go in there and get it done. You must think like this. Get yourself mentally prepared for the interview. Imagine yourself speaking eloquently with the hiring team, sharing your accomplishments, and really wowing everyone in the room. You can do this.

Practice with a friend

Half the battle is behind you when overcoming the shyness of interviewing. Now you need to practice the interview process. Grab a colleague, a career coach, or a friend to help you. Start by standing tall and practicing how you will introduce yourself, using plenty of positive body language and eye contact. Smile, breath, and share your passion for the work you do and the industry. Now practice answering a few general interview questions (you can make a list from some researched online). Focus on how you will talk about your keen interest in the tasks you perform, the things you have done well in your career, and where you see yourself in five years.

Have some questions to ask

You can show passion for your career and a deeper interest in the company when you come prepared with a list of your own interview questions to ask. Use this as an opportunity to talk about your areas of interest, which can help you push aside any shyness you may experience in the interview. You will come across as very passionate to the hiring manager. Keep the list of questions brief, but show that you did your research and you know the industry well. Talk about a trend that is of particular interest to you during this part of the interview. You may connect with the hiring manager and this will impress the team that you have what it takes.

Use the above tips for overcoming shyness and conveying passion in any job interview.

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