This is the first year when Millennials have become the largest group of job seekers in the market. This group of young up-and-coming employees are creative, hard-working, new college graduates and technologically savvy, meaning they have a lot to offer your company. But how can you make sure you are offering a work culture that will appeal to Millennials to boost your recruitment and retention efforts?

Here are some great ideas to attract, recruit, and keep Millennial candidates.

Offer a fun, flexible and casual work environment

What appeals to Millennials is having the ability to work in companies that allow for flexible schedules, because they tend to have a lot of personal interests outside of work. Make the workplace fun and casual, with no pressure to be part of a “fashion show”. Allow for creativity and mix play with work as often as possible.

Provide rewarding tasks and the ability to advance

Millennials want to work in rewarding jobs and so giving them tasks that allow them to show off their skills is very appealing. They want to move up the corporate ladder fast, and they want respect. Make sure your career marketing efforts share testimonies from younger employees who are excelling in their occupations.

Go with generous salary, incentives and benefits

With so many talented Millennials in the market now, your company needs to offer the very best compensation possible. Set up a generous starting salary, including reimbursement for moving expenses and training. Offer a wide variety of low cost benefits and plenty of incentives for regular recognition.

Encourage respect and collaboration at work

What Millennials want more than anything is to be treated with respect and to get along with colleagues from different generations. They are proving themselves, so an open and collaborative work environment where they are heard is critical. Make respect and team building core values of your company.

Make new technology and learning the focus

Since this is the first generation to be raised with technology in every aspect of their lives, Millennials tend to use it more than others. They love to learn new things and use technology and social networking, so make these part of work processes. Focus on using technology to train, communicate, and inspire your best people.

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