Have you ever considered that recruiters really care about the people they work with, therefore are a wealth of knowledge in supporting job seekers? It’s true. Many are willing to help job seekers brush up on their resumes and interviewing skills so that they can wow hiring companies. Why not take advantage of this valuable relationship and let your recruiter know you need help with preparing for an upcoming interview? Here’s how:

Communicate your concerns about the interview with the recruiter now.

Let the recruiter know you are worried about the interview and want to prepare for it with their help. Share your past interview experiences, with the attitude that you want this one to go much better. You getting hired is a win-win for you and the recruiter.

Ask the recruiter to share insight into the company’s hiring process.

Your first goal when working with a recruiter on interview prep is to probe into the hiring process of your target company. Find out what the company usually looks for, what the interview day is like, and if there are specific questions they may ask. This will help get you ready for the big day.

Prepare a list of interview questions and answers with the recruiter.

Another great and efficient way to prepare for an interview is to create a list of interview questions and answers. Work with your recruiter to find out what general interview questions you may expect from the company. Then develop your careful answers.

Schedule a 60-minute interview prep session by Skype or in person.

Use your time wisely, and appreciate the time that the recruiter has given you, with a one hour face-to-face interview practice session. You can use Skype, Google Hangouts, or another video communication tool if you cannot meet in person.

Make the most of your relationship with the recruiter as you prepare for a job interview, by following the above tips.

 Looking for some extra tips to improve your job search?

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