All organizations need good people to work for them; this is a given. But, what happens when good people are hard to find, or there are just not enough quality workers available during the busy season? This is often a time when smart business owners turn to temporary help to maintain a productive workforce.

When should your business utilize temporary help? Here are some signs and situations that point to this need.

The Business is in Some Type of Transition

Every business faces ups and downs at times. However, during a transitional phase, the use of temporary employees can help reduce some of the stress. For example, a company may be in the midst of a merger, but still needs to be operating during the transition. Or the company may be changing computer systems and needs to hire technically savvy people for the short term.

A Peak Season is Coming Up Fast

Each organization is likely to face at least one or more busy times, such as peak production cycles or retail sales seasons. This is the perfect time to bring on temporary employees to cover things so current workers are not overworked and stretched too thin. Once the season slows down, the temporary employees can be released to work for other companies.

The interview went well, but still not sure…

At times, making a hiring decision can be tough. A candidate may seem right, but is stepping into a very challenging role. Bringing the candidate on as a temporary to hire can be a good way to handle this, until he or she proves that they are the best hire.

A Key Employee is Taking a Long Leave

Sometimes, an employee may need to request a longer than usual leave. For example, a maternity leave or a family medical leave. This can be a good time to bring on a temporary employee or two to cover things while the regular employee is gone.

The Company Could Use Fresh Talent

Many temporary employees are skilled professionals and new college grads looking for a great career opportunity. Why not hire them on as temporary employees and let them fill in skill gaps in your organization? This can be a positive way to build teams and take on new projects.

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