As another busy holiday season approaches the Atlanta area, your company may already be thinking about how to manage your seasonal staffing needs. Very often, seasonal peaks require additional workers to augment current teams so that they don’t get overwhelmed and they can take some much needed time off to be with family and friends. There are also a lot of things to wrap up by year end, such as inventory management, financial processing, and customer requests.

How will you meet your seasonal staffing demands this year?

One of the ways that smart companies stay ahead of seasonal staffing needs is by partnering with a temporary staffing agency in Atlanta. There are a number of good reasons to go this route.

  • Temporary employees can be brought on for short projects so they can be accomplished more efficiently.
  • Temporary agencies offer a variety of flexible staffing options, including day laborers, part time employees, and full time temporary contracts.
  • All upfront costs for advertising, recruiting, screening, and placement of temporary employees are absorbed by the temp agency.
  • Employees who work as temporary staff understand that they will be working for your company for a short period of time, eliminating worries over unemployment claims.
  • The agency can supply the company with replacement temps and bring in candidates who are specialists in certain areas.

While it’s possible to try to attempt to hire seasonal employees on your own, think of the valuable time and resources that you will have to use to recruit, screen, and train!

Looking to hire this holiday season?

Contact our skilled team of recruiters today and learn about the benefits of partnering with our team as your strive to grow yours.

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