When is the last time you took the opportunity to thank an employee for a job well done?

As an HR Manager or Supervisor, being proactive about employee recognition should be the foundation of positive working relationships within your organization. Why is it important to regularly thank your employees?

  • It fosters good will in your teams and it raises employee morale when all managers participate
  • Saying thanks more often helps employees connect their actions to company outcomes
  • Recognition programs have been shown to increase retention and productivity levels

These are just a few of the reasons why employee recognition matters to the company. How can you begin a campaign of recognizing and thanking employees to achieve the above goals? Here are a few ideas.

  • Drop off some thank you notes this week to employees who come to mind – just let them know you appreciate their hard work and great attitudes.
  • Grab some movie tickets and gift cards – to hand out whenever you would like to recognize an employee on the spot or to treat the entire team.
  • Write positive remarks on performance reviews and other project feedbacks – let upper management know about your bright shining star employees.
  • Try adding a few of these things to your weekly routine and you will soon find more happy employees in your organization.

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