Have you ever heard the expression to “dream big”?

This is not exactly a bad thing, in fact it’s what drives many professionals to their ultimate successes in life. But what if you are putting your work expectations a little too high right now to attain?

It could be that you are working for a company that doesn’t appreciate what you bring to the table (this is common). Or you may be dreaming of something a lot better that you cannot seem to reach. In either case, it’s time to get your head out of the clouds and start thinking realistically about your current and future career situation.

Here are some things you should expect from a career or job:

It pays fairly for the type of skills you have the work you perform.

When is the last time you did a check to see what the salary rate is for your type of skills, job duties, and experience level? PayScale has a free salary research tool you can use. Are you earning enough? If you cannot honestly say that you are happy with your earnings, it could be time to move onto a better career path with a company that will pay you more.

Do you get treated well by your employer and peers?

As part of factoring in your compensation at work, you will want to also consider all the many benefits and perks that your company offers. This includes things like health insurance, retirement savings, a comfortable work environment, and a place where you feel respected and valued by your peers. If you are getting nothing but the bare minimum in perks, or your co-workers are a bunch of back-stabbing creeps, it may be time to get out of there fast.

Are there opportunities for career growth?

If you are a dreamer, or at least thinking about ways to advance in your career, what kind of opportunities exist at your current company? You can expect that your supervisor will be watching your performance, your participation with others on your team, and your relationship with customers. All of these factors should lead up to regular performance reviews and promotional opportunities. If you aren’t seeing this, you may want to move on to a better company where you can move up the corporate ladder.

Looking to advance your career?

PrideStaff Atlanta has many excellent career options throughout Atlanta for those who like to dream big when it comes to their careers. Check out our available opportunities or contact our team with any questions concerning your career outlook.

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