Holiday celebrations aside, the start of a new year is the perfect time to take a look back at all the good things that have happened. One of the PrideStaff team’s favorite things to do is review the top HR blog posts from the year, and share them with our readers.

Here’s a rundown of what made the headlines in 2015.

How to Put Together a Dream Team of Employees

Atlanta startups are on the rise and one of the ways they start out strong is by putting together a dream team of talented employees. Our article featured an interview with Naeem Safar, a professor of entrepreneurship and CEO of the start-up Bitzer. In this article, he emphasized the importance of consistently hiring high quality staff when a company or a team is still small. Why is this so important? Basically, the quality of the team at the beginning will affect the quality of work later. Learn from this article some steps for adding dream employees to your company.

Do You Know Why Your Top Employees are Leaving?

Employee turnover can be a frustrating aspect for any business, particularly when top performance employees jump ship. In our popular article, Matt Straz, founder and CEO of Namely shares his advice on how to stop turnover in its tracks. Learn how to retain your best workers and start the New Year strong with a solid tea of loyal employees after reading our post.

Is it the Right Time to Grow Your Workforce?

It’s one thing to hire great people; it’s another to know when the right time is to expand it. Our featured article talks about trends in the job market and the signs that it may be time to start hiring more people. Of course, you can work with PrideStaff Atlanta’s hiring experts to analyze your workforce needs for the future, and come up with a plan of action to hire smart in 2016. Give this a close read!

Looking to Hire in 2016?

Our team of skilled recruiters are here to help! Contact us today for additional information on the benefits of partnering with our team as you strive to grow yours.

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